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A photo headshot of a woman named Aline Paredes

Aline Paredes          

PMHNP-BC & Life Coach

We are pleased to Welcome our Mental Wellness provider, Aline Paredes, PNP. Aline started and has continued her professional career in the specialty of Mental Health. After 14 years in the industry she has proven her love and dedication to each and every one of her clients and her expertise goes far beyond medicine. Aline dedicates her time to the mental wellness of her patients, providing life and lifestyle coaching in which she caters her care to the individual and how to help that individual achieve their best in everyday life. We are beyond excited to bring this service to our facility as part of the mind, body and soul experience.

A message to from Aline to her future clients....

I am Aline Paredes and you may recognize me as the Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner from this incredible team at Balens Estetica and Wellness. I am so excited and humbled to share this journey with you. When I set out to become a health care provider the intention was always to provide a much needed service to those in need, mental health and wellness. Becoming a board-certified Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner was an incredible milestone in my life and I absolutely love what I do. With that in mind, I wanted to find new ways to impact even more people and be of even more value to those struggling to find their path in life. Coaching has become a great interest of mine and the need for more coaches can't be overlooked.


I went into the mental health arena as I too struggled with debilitating anxiety and panic attacks in my early 20s. I faced many personal hardships in my 30s making it difficult at times to maintain a positive mindset. I was able to overcome all of this not only with my extreme efforts, but also with the assistance of a life coach! You see, what I experienced was a result of my inability to successfully deal with life stressors. My anxiety was a result of FEAR. In my case, psychiatric care was not required because once I learned to control my thoughts, my thoughts were no longer able to control me.


While some require medications and psychiatric services, others may only need that guiding hand, motivation, and empowerment. I am so excited to walk alongside you in this journey and empower you to take back control of your life!

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