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weight loss

are you ready for real change?

How does Balens do Weight Management?

All the power you need to lose, manage and maintain weight exists inside of you.  Our weight management protocol brings it to the surface. Our  3-Part protocol is based on science and medically proven, and is a high protein, nutrient dense, fats. Our structured protocol resets your body to burn its fat as its primary energy source. In addition to nutritional therapy, our program includes a weight loss aid, Semaglutide. Semaglutide is a peptide (small protein) that works in conjunction with proper nutritional intake and exercise to activate the metabolic pathways and therefore works to control blood sugar regulation and decrease appetite. 

What makes your program different?

Our approach is different than traditional programs with Semaglutide. What sets us apart? Our roots. We believe in wellness at the core, from the inside out, thus we take pride in utilizing Functional Holistic Nutritional Therapy as part of our protocol. We know that Semaglutide is most effective with diet and exercise, however, we prefer balanced nutrition and movement.

Our protocol consists of 3 parts, is easy to follow and takes the guess work out of it all. Our Functional Holistic Nutritional Therapist will guide you in simple ways to reach a balanced wellness lifestyle suitable for your needs. Our program empowers you to learn habits and changes that will best suite your weight management journey, all the while optimizing your gut health, nutritional absorption (of food and vitamins/minerals and essential nutrients) and in turn improves your wellbeing.

To get started, you can schedule a consultation appointment to understand the program, ask questions and have part in creating a method personalized to your needs, lifestyle and goals to reset your body and burn fat.

The Protocol:


Restricting carbohydrate intake optimizes fat loss through a safe and natural state in which the body utilizes stored fat as its energy source. With the guidance of our Functional Holistic Nutritional Therapist you will better understand the nutrient dense foods to optimize weight loss and gain a simple understanding of your protein, carbohydrate and fats needs.


Weight loss requires movement, and while exercise may not be at the top of your priorities, movement and grounding should be. Sun exposure (vitamin D), touching your feet to the earth, and moving your body is an essential component to weight loss. Our recommendations are to take a walk whenever possible to get sun exposure and move your body. Grounding is also an essential component and a very easy way to aid your body in weight loss.


Semaglutide, as mentioned is a peptide (protein) that aids in blood sugar control and decreases appetite thus aiding in weight loss. Our program includes a Semaglutide kit that includes the necessary equipment for you to receive your injections and a protocol that outlines dosing, injections, technique, schedule and more.

For the 6 months of the program, you will receive education and support from your Functional Holistic Nutritional Therapist with one call a month (6 calls total). It is recommended to “check in” regularly with your therapist and provider during this period. In this phase you will re-introduce other nutrients necessary to maintain management of weight loss.

Following weight loss, your body fights to regain lost weight, aka- balance. This gap in energy where your body desires an increase in calories it doesn’t necessarily require is what makes weight loss difficult to manage and maintain. Our aim is to narrow the gap. At the end of your treatment, once weight loss goals have been achieved, you will receive guidance on any necessary adjustments in intake of protein/fat/carbs to effectively manage hunger, promote greater satiety and maintain weight loss, although all of your previous nutritional changes will promote these things from the start. At this time, any necessary adjustments can be made. Weekly follow-up sessions are designed to monitor and track weight and nutritional wellbeing. Be sure to utilize those sessions!

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